Fun Things to Do in Decatur, Georgia

Are you planning a vacation to Decatur, Georgia? Then no doubt you are interested in knowing what there is to do while you are there. After all, this is what makes a vacation fun! Take a look at this list of things to do that we have compiled.

1. Decatur’s Square

The first thing to do while you are in Decatur, Georgia? Visit Decatur’s Square! This area in downtown Decatur is excellent and highly rated by visitors. Enjoy delicious food and drinks, great sights, and even a wonderful farmer’s market. Depending on when you go there may even be a special event or two going on here, so be on the lookout!

2. Kudzu Antiques

A great location in Decatur is Kudzu Antiques, a large shop with fantastic retro items to browse and buy. You can even find vintage clothing and furniture, and the staff is always ready and willing to answer any questions that you may have regarding merchandise. So if you enjoy antiques and retro/vintage items, definitely plan to stop by and visit Kudzu Antiques.

3. Wild Heaven Craft Beers

If you enjoy a hearty drink from time to time, you’ll certainly want to stop by Wild Heaven with your party and get a delicious beer or two. This fun place to go features excellent music, and it’s even dog-friendly for those who are ready to relax with their furry friend. Service is excellent, and seating is available both inside and out.

4. Glenlake Park

Another fun thing to do while in Decatur, Georgia is to visit Glenlake Park and Pool. This is a great place to stop by if you are traveling with children. Parking is excellent, and the restrooms are clean (which is always a plus). Those who have rated the pool say that it is one of the best public pools in the Atlanta area, so if you are wanting to dip in some cool water, this is a wonderful location to go to.

In conclusion, a vacation is not perfect unless you are able to do some seriously fun stuff. In Decatur, there certainly is plenty to do that will brighten up your trip, like visiting Decatur’s Square, stopping by a unique antique shop, grabbing a refreshing beer at Wild Heaven, and going for a splash at Glenlake Park and Pool. Try to do one, or even all four in order to experience the best vacation you possibly can.

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